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Your complete home care solution:

Rehab-At-Home Team
  • Full services in Massachusetts
  • Professional team
  • Experienced in therapy, nursing and personal care
  • High security
  • JCAHO accredited
  • Multiple languages supported

We make the effort to know our patients and their families and their needs: we make it easy for families to arrange all the clinical and non medical services needed to bring their loved one home and receive the necessary care


Homecare services

Rehab-At-Home is a Medicare certified licensed home health agency in Massachusetts under the umbrella of Therapy Resources Management, LLC. Because of our long heritage as a rehabilitation provider, Rehab-At-Home specializes in the rehabilitation care that is so critical to persons wanting to remain at home after an accident, illness or surgery requiring complex recuperation.

Rehab-At-Home offers comprehensive rehabilitation services provided by licensed Physical Therapists (PT) and Occupational Therapists (OT) and Speech Language Pathologists (SLP).

In addition we provide the traditional home health services:

  • Nursing
  • Nursing Assistants
  • Home Health Aides
  • Senior Care Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Private Duty Services


Homecare services

Team approach

Because we employ all members of the clinical team required for the patient's recovery, communication among the disciplines is enhanced.

Continuity of care

Because Therapy Resources Management provides Rehabilitation Services at many nursing homes, it is often possible to have the same clinician follow the patient once discharged to home.

Rehabilitation specialists

Our roots are in the rehabilitation segment of healthcare. For over 15 years our parent company delivered rehabilitation services to thousands of patients at over 100 Nursing Homes in New England.

Rehab-At-Home brings that expertise and lineage to our home healthcare services. When rehab is an important part of the home care required, Rehab-At-Home is the provider of choice.

Local provider and ownership

Rehab-At-Home is not a national franchised organization. Because of our local ownership we are able to work closely with hospitals and nursing homes ensuring excellent communication regarding clinical needs and there is no delay in implementing services once the patient is discharged to home.

Holistic and patient centered home health care plans

We strive to care for our patients using an integrative approach which leads us to view the person coming in our care not simply as a patient diagnosed with an ailment but a person with a unique medical history facing many day to day challenges. We proud ourselves in educating our staff, patients, and caregivers to provide the most comprehensive care possible by treating existing conditions and preventing further complications in patients living at home.


Our caregivers are properly trained, licensed when appropriate, insured and bonded. Each member of our staff has had a Criminal Offense Report Investigation (CORI) performed to provide an added element of comfort and security for patients and their families.


We speak multiple languages like Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, German and some more. Let us make patients and their families feel even more comfortable!